GRACEFACE - Bluntfang ($hawty Arabia), 2015


Cable - Reptar (Joyful Noise Recordings), Animation, Cinematography, Direction Collaboration with Addison Adams, 2015


367 Equalizer - Guerilla Toss (Infinity Cat Recordings), Digital Animation, Digital Animation and Video collaboration with Addison Adams and Julie Nymann, 2014


B and the Electric Kill - The Sediment Club (Feeding Tube Records / Sophomore Lounge Records), Stop-Motion Animation and Live Action Video, 2014


Truth and Falling- Kevin Greenspon (Bridgetown Records), Mixed Media Video, 2013


Strangers- Psychic Twin (Polyvinyl), Stop-Motion + Live Action, 2013


Young Blood - Cemeteries (Lefse), Live Action Animation Projection, 2012


Gonna Get Her - Psychic Twin (Lefse), Mixed Media Video + Stop Motion, 2012


Copper Girl - Doldrums (Arbutus Records, Souterrain Transmissions), MAX MSP & Stop Motion Animation, 2012


Context Clues - Reptar (Vagrant Records) Mixed Media Stop Motion Animation, 2011


NEW AND STRANGERS, Mixed Media Stop Motion Animation, music: sugar cube- Shy Violet, 2011


The Five Most Precious ThingsHome , Mixed Media Stop Motion Animation, music: Shy Violet, 2011